Argia Group is a company founded by industry professionals committed to providing customers with SSL solutions that reliably meet application and project requirements, deliver on reduced power savings, and on the promised lifetime. A maximized SSL Solution is composed of the selected LED, the lighting fixture, the power supply, and integrating the control system. Argia’s industry professionals have experience with all of the elements of a SSL solution and their inter-dependencies. Argia is focused on providing an “Open System” approach to integrated SSL solutions or independent sourcing solutions for your applications and projects.


Why Argia Group?


Use knowledge to bring LED lighting performance to our customers

• Component Evaluation—LED and PSU suppliers

• Platform Evaluation—Fixture suppliers


Bring confidence to our customers through our product development process




Low Cost LEDs


“China's LED industry has been under pressur from oversupply and high levels of inventory, and prices of LED chips are down over 20% in China on average this year so far, DigiTimes reports”

• The number of low cost marginal quality LED manufacturers continues to grow.



Low Cost LED Lighting Risks


Reduced quality LED die materials

Low quality Lead Frame materials

Low quality Silicone encapsulant

Reduced quality Phosphors

“Overdrive” LED input current to increase lumen output

Exceed LED rated junction temperature (TJ)

Sacrifice PSU lifetime for cost reduction

Use reduced efficiency PSU for cost reduction